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Easy to use

A consistent approach to the design of oneChild makes it super easy to use.

Administrator Approval

Select if an administrator needs to approve documentation to be shared with parents.

Save a draft

Start your documentation and finish it when is convenient for you with draft saving.

Printing Documentation

Attractive print friendly templates for documentation, when a hard copy is needed.

Unlimited photo upload

Add as many photos to your documentation as you need . Download all your photos in a neat package.


Send messages internally to educators and announcements to parents.

Automated parent update

Parents receive an automated email when a new learning story has been shared with them.

Monitor child achievement

Automatically monitor children though their achievement of NQF outcomes.

No child misses out

oneChild keeps a count of observations for every child so no one misses out.

Rooms and areas.

LDC and Kindergarten/Preschool can set up 'rooms', while OSHC and FDC create 'areas' for reporting.

Documentation cycle

Link planning to observations and reflections to show your documentation cycle.

Centre statistics

Review the entire centre statistics and develop strategies to ensure a comprehensive program.

Eco Friendly

A paperless system saving resources, money and time with no filing necessary.

Use any device

oneChild is able to be accessed from iPad and Android devices as well as laptop and desktop computers.

Private & Secure

Personal logins for all users and an encrypted security certificate protects all information.

Choose your curriculum.

oneChild supports these curriculums and allows for custom curriculum's.

Simple affordable pricing for all.

Choose a plan and payment frequency that suits you.

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Limited access.
Unlimited children.

Full access for 14 days.

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Essentials Plan
Unlimited access.Unlimited children.
Flexible payment options.

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